Four Myths About External Sourcing Debunked!

by Steve Carlisle

There are many myths about looking externally for sales support, and many of these keep partnerships that could be of a huge value from ever happening. We’ve debunked a few of these outsourcing myths and want to share them with you today.

Some of the more common and misleading myths to ignore:

1. I’ll lose control of my sales team

This couldn’t be further from the truth. You maintain control over your sales team regardless of whether it’s internal or external.

External sourcing isn’t about handing over your entire sales function; it’s about supplementing your team.

  • Focus on the areas where your team could use some improvement such as training, brand representation, or market coverage.
  • A partner should give you recommendations on the best course of action, but the reins are still in your hands.
  • Remember that external sourcing is about supplementing your team, and that’s why one of the fastest growing business trends is to “stick to what you do best and outsource the rest.

2. No one could possibly understand my business or my customer like I do

This is a big fear, but also a myth that has been supported by poorly performing external sales organizations.

Without knowledge of your market and your customers, a partner cannot create an effective strategy that will have a meaningful impact while showing a strong ROI.  However, a good partner will have specific expertise in your vertical. They are also tuned in to your market and understand the contributing market factors at play.

If they don’t understand your business, they should tell you up front. Read more about vertical expertise here.

3. All I really need is to hire more sales reps

Hiring more sales reps is rarely the best solution, and in practice, doing this alone doesn’t usually work.

The barriers impacting your sales are complex. Simply expanding your team is too simple a solution for most issues. Breaking through these complex sales barriers takes a balanced and practiced approach at finding the root cause and creating a solution.

  • We find that the external sourcing solutions that work best are a varied and mixed combination of training, market coverage, sales intensity, innovation, and strategy.
  • Even if it does come down to just needing to expand your sales team, it is more efficient to focus some on the art of sales, but put more energy into training sales reps about the product.
  • Simply taking on the additional overhead of an unproven sales team carries a high amount of risk that is compounded by the turnover rates of new sales hires.

4. This concept grows my partner’s brand but not mine

External teams are not a separate and autonomous sales force. They are an extension of you.

Your external sales reps should be branded in your image. This means making certain they carry your logo and that they embody your culture. There should be no discernable difference between your internal team and an external one.

Growing your brand is a huge benefit to expanding your sales team externally and widening your coverage.


There are a lot of partners available when you are considering outsourcing a function of your sales operation. There are very few true partners. We put together a guide to help you navigate this decision and act as a guide post for selecting the right company to work with. Request our External Sourcing consultative guide below.

Download MarketSource’s Consultative Guide on External Sourcing.



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Stephen Carlisle is a B2B Practice Leader at MarketSource. Leveraging MarketSource’s proprietary process and best practices, Steve works with current and prospective customers to assess their sales challenges and design optimized solutions that help our clients sell more, faster.

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