Five Ways to Align with What Retail Customers Really Want

by Mark Doornbosch

Are you prepared to align with what retail customers really want? In a recent study, Salesforce found that 66% of consumers say they are likely to switch brands if they are treated like a number instead of an individual. Additionally, 73% of consumers are likely to switch brands if a company provides inconsistent levels of service across departments. If your brand strategy relies on retail distribution, you need to support your retail partners and embrace the customer omnichannel experience.

In my video breakdown, I will answer these five questions to help you get on the same wavelength as your customers and drive more sell-through:

1. What do customers really want from sales associates?

2. What employee personas do customers respond to positively?

3. What factors determine what’s a good value to customers? 

4. What do customers really want from a product display?

5. What determines a good retail transaction process?

The answers to these questions serve as a reminder that companies rely on employees to represent their brands every day. And in order to gain alignment with what retail customers really want, companies should be devoting as much time, money, and energy to building their brands internally as they do externally. MarketSource can even handle it all for you. Our experts work with you to define your challenges and design a turnkey solution that produces results. Learn about our assessment process and contact us today.

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As a Retail Practice Leader at MarketSource, Mark works with national brands focused on retail distribution to execute their field-marketing plans. The MarketSource message is simple; we help you sell more, faster. As the self-proclaimed Retail Sales Sensei and Master of Marketing Zen, Mark can be reached via LinkedIn or through the MarketSource sales concierge.

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