911 Situation: Just Had a Big Miss

by Jason McElhone

According to CNN Money, corporate America just experienced its worse quarter of economic results in seven years. As top and bottom line growth continue to slow, a June 2016 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows that the number of new jobs created for the month of May came in at 38,000—well below consensus estimates of 165,000.

Margin compression, combined with rising healthcare and regulatory costs, has many organizations feeling the burn of a big miss.

Here is the question: What are you going to do about it?

Salesman and Client

Consider the 80/20 Rule—a widely held concept that applies to almost every company in the technology, industrial, manufacturing and automotive space. According to the rule, 20 percent of your A-List customers are responsible for generating up to 80 percent of your results.

How, then, do you address “the tail”—the bottom 80 percent of your customers? The tail includes the small and mid-tier accounts with the largest margins. These accounts actually can help you get back on track after a slow start to a new year.

Do What You Do Best, and Outsource The Rest

MarketSource runs highly successful inside and field sales teams for large consumer electronics, IT, automotive, chemical and telecom companies. In 2015, we’ve generated more than $6 billion of incremental revenue growth for our clients. Our dedicated programs are designed to gain new customers and reactivate dormant accounts. MarketSource will align with your current infrastructure, and we have the speed and flexibility to ramp up or down in response to real-time demand.

This short video features Damon Joshua, Executive Director—Commercial Client Services for MarketSource. In it, Damon discusses several best practices that can help you recover from a challenging quarter.

By focusing on what you do best and outsourcing the rest, MarketSource can deliver a significant increase in market coverage while optimizing sales expense. The net result is a powerful, go-to market strategy that can help you compete in any marketplace. Contact us to learn more.

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Jason McElhone is a director of business development at MarketSource. With more than 25 years of inside sales and lead generation experience, Jason manages a global network of more than 50,000 key executives within the automotive, finance, telecom, and IT space. Since joining MarketSource in 2007, Jason has generated a 1,500 percent increase in sales-qualified leads as the company has tripled in size.

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