Why Companies are Shifting to Inside Sales for 2017 and Beyond

by Lauren Godinez

A shift to inside sales—also referred to as virtual, remote or digital sales—is underway for B2B industries for 2017 and beyond. According to a recent survey, the majority of B2B buyers actually do not prefer a face-to-face meeting and in response, more than 50 percent of B2B sales jobs are now inside sales. 

A new eBook written by MarketSource President Rick Haviland explores the trends, benefits and strategies for inside sales. In it, he explains how inside sales can expand your audience and allow you to reach your account base more frequently. He also shows how putting your sales professionals into roles that maximize their strengths can fill your pipeline quicker.

MarketSource’s key solution components are detailed, and the company’s Proprietary Assessment explained. You can learn more about why inside sales outsourcing often makes perfect sense in MarketSource’s latest eBook, Inside Sales as a Strength.

You can learn more about this topic and MarketSource’s Proprietary Process, Empowered People, and Proven Performance, by contacting us today.

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Lauren Godinez is Digital Content and Social Media Specialist - Retail for MarketSource. Her digital outreach campaigns have helped engage consumers and drive thought leadership thru her impactful content strategies. She brings her expertise in digital marketing and B2B writing to MarketSource.

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