Disrupt Your IT Campaign: 14 Reasons to Innovate!

by Ann Bailey

Disruptions and Innovations

All technology is dominated by change, and not much of that change is safe and comfortable. But that can be a good thing. Disruption makes us question the status quo, which often leads industry providers to improved innovations.

Innovating sales solutions 

2014 data turns up some interesting facts about what’s been changing lately, and about where the growth is focused in IT. Keeping up with the changes is tricky—you need to stay up on all the latest.

As the internet of things grows in importance, so do the reasons for more sales solutions and systems integrators. Any manufacturer offering technology products and support is going to see opportunities for growth. The possibilities are exciting. But with the expansions come growing pains, invigorating your channel partners and improving system integrations will become mandatory.

Fourteen reasons tech is ripe for innovations now

1.  Cybercrimes

Cybercrime is growing. In 2013 we saw about $11.6 million in crime, and that rose to $13.7 million in 2014 for companies in the U.S., up more than 9%.

2.  Cyber security measures

American firms had been spending $1.3 billion in 2013 on cyber-liability coverage. That jutted up to roughly $2 billion in 2014 (The Economist)

3.  Cyber police work

The average time to resolve a cyber-attack is growing. On average, it rose from 32 days to resolve a case in 2013 up to 45 days to resolve one in 2014. (Source: 014 Ponemon Cost of Cyber Crime Study)

4.  Tech is growing the money

In the U.S., the IT market was $1 trillion in 2014. This was 28% of the $3.7 trillion global market. A consensus forecast by CompTIA projects that 2015 will see the global market have a 5.0% growth to $3.9 trillion.

5.  Cloud connect – Adoption?

(Source: Spiceworks – State of IT
  • 61%  – Have already adopted cloud
  • 8%    – Plan to adopt cloud in six months
  • 27%  – Have no plans to adopt cloud services
  • 4%    – Do not know

6.  Cloud services – Top 3 currently in use

Web hosting, email hosting, and productivity solutions.

7.  Number 1 IT service according to the pros

In the next six months, what do they plan to use most? Online backup and recovery.

8.  What about games?

They’re huge. A whopping 84.9% of the top 700 grossing apps on Google Play and the App Store were games. (vungle.com – 6 Trends Shaping the Games Industry in 2015)

9.  Game development?

We’ve seen recession woes and lows in gaming publication but those are long gone now. The video games software industry is now at $13.2 billion as of 2014, and it’s growing to an expected $17.3 billion by 2019.

10.  Smart phone ownership

Having climbed to a phenomenal 58% in 2014, up from just 35% in 2009, smart phone purchasing is still showing considerable growth. “Thus, publishers of software have to adapt to a greater variety of platforms.” (smartphone, streaming gaming devices, and interconnected TVs). (IBIS World)

11. Big data

The Journal of Information Technology (JIT) published 27 articles in 2014. Of 11 articles in the first 2015 edition, big data is mentioned in the title of six of them.

12. IT as social events or tradeshows

More than 50 top conferences and expos are going to be dedicated in 2015 exclusively to the cloud. (ProfitBricks.com)

13. Top focus points of tech conferences this year

  • Internet of everything
  • Wearables
  • Big data analytics
  • Continued rise of high-speed broadband internet access

14. IT – The new MVP?

According to statistics in Fortune.com, a review of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest employment projections data shows that three of the most valuable paying graduate degrees today are in the science, technology, and engineering fields. The best grad degree for jobs today is a Ph.D. in statistics, with projected growth in jobs there at 23.7% over the next seven years.


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MarketSource, Inc. Digital Content Manager - Ann Bailey is a general business writer and content marketer. She graduated from Emory University, has been a journalist in two print newsrooms, and was an anchor for a CBS-affiliate television news station. Her writing is both research and interview-based.

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