Field Support – Why Your Promotional Roadmap Needs It Now

by Ann Bailey

field support services in brand promotionYou need to boost product sales this Fall. Why focus on field support this Spring?

“Memorial Day, Fathers Day, tax refund season . . . these are some of the reasons we see spikes in retail sales in the second Quarter.” Practice Leader Keith Noval specializes in tips for the Fall retail sales cycle. But in the following graphic, he points out some very important arguments for using robust field support in Spring—and influencing early market share.

If March and April product launches need sell-through in May and June, are you prepared?
field support with a Spring promotional roadmap

Focusing on your field 

There are compelling results to be had in making use of an at-the-ready field support team when you want market advantage for a new product launch. Whether you’re looking for early market share or early signs of competitive activity, springtime offers a particular opportunity to enhance your promotional roadmap.

Why 3PL resources?

Coming from a competent 3PL resources company, your field personnel will already be trained in your brand. They will have been given a full education on the use of your product and they’ll be able to demonstrate it to your target customer. An on-demand representative comes to you already knowing your customer too; who they are and how they shop.

Your Spring sales teams need to be sharp and ready to sell-through. Field support resource providers hire, train, and deliver a ready sales forces in your peak revenue and brand reputation generating periods. They focus on your product sales. You’ll focus on your product goals.

A 3PL company like MarketSource takes hiring, training, and positioning of field sales reps to the level of expertise. Want to learn more about how your promotional roadmap and early product sales can benefit this season? Talk with us now about immediate field support services.

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