Global Workforce Trends Report: Exploring Challenges of Shrinking Talent

by Lauren Godinez

Today’s search for talent is highly competitive; led by a growing skills shortage, advancing technologies, generational shifts and evolving dynamics around the nature of work. Thanks to years of post-recession low-interest rates, CEOs have the cash to invest in new products and services. The problem is that they desperately need the right people to lead these initiatives.

To create Allegis Group’s new Global Workforce Trends Report, we researched major economic and demographic trends influencing the supply of talent around the world and found that traditional approaches to workforce management may no longer fill the gaps talent scarcity has left behind. Our report shows that successful talent organizations will be those that apply a conscious approach to three critical areas:

  • Expand the External Talent Supply
  • Optimize Internal Talent
  • Commit to Change – Looking Beyond Transactional Results

“As talent and business leaders look to the future, a strategic understanding of the forces of change is essential,” says Allegis Group’s Director of Labor Market Business Intelligence Ron Hetrick. “The Global Workforce Trends Report is intended to help guide HR and business leaders looking to gain an informed perspective on dynamics shaping successful talent management strategies in a global market.”

Beyond offering a region-by-region breakdown of major trends influence global talent supplies, our new Trends Report shares expert insight on evolving talent acquisition practices and the changing markets for staffing, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and managed services provider (MSP) solutions around the world. Our research reveals that workforce trends not only vary widely among regions, but they are enormously complex, and the pace of change is accelerating.

Gain more informed perspectives about the changing workforce and the new priorities facing talent and business leaders by downloading your copy of the Global Workforce Trends Report today.

Topic: Recruiting


Lauren Godinez is Digital Content and Social Media Specialist - Retail for MarketSource. Her digital outreach campaigns have helped engage consumers and drive thought leadership thru her impactful content strategies. She brings her expertise in digital marketing and B2B writing to MarketSource.

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