Why Outsourcing Is More Common Than You Think

by Jennifer Morrell


In many cases, it makes better sense to turn over field sales and inside sales to a full-service, managed sales outsourcing company. From cost reduction and sale increases to better risk management and improved customer service, the reasons to outsource are numerous and growing.

A new eBook written by MarketSource President Rick Haviland explores the business case for outsourcing. In it, the cost reduction benefit as well as solutions and advantages are examined.

MarketSource’s key solution components are detailed, and the company’s Proprietary Assessment explained. You can learn more about why outsourcing often makes perfect sense in MarketSource’s latest eBook, “Why Outsource?”

Let us determine the appropriate strategy for your company via a MarketSource Assessment. MarketSource’s sales experts will work with you to define your challenges and design a turnkey solution that produces results in the area of gaining new customers, launching new products, growing market share, optimizing sales expense, or maximizing a mature product.

Our sales teams deliver more than $6 billion in revenue for many of the most well-respected brands in the world and a diverse mix of forward-thinking small- and medium-sized businesses. You can learn more about this topic and MarketSource’s Proprietary Process, Empowered People, and Proven Performance, by contacting us today.

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Jennifer Morrell is Digital Content and Social Media Specialist - Commercial for MarketSource. A veteran writer and editor, Jennifer has more than 20 years of publishing experience in magazines and newspapers as a journalist and editor. She brings her expertise in digital marketing and B2B writing to MarketSource.

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