Outsourcing vs. hiring: Which provides more value?

by Chris Walter

Many companies today are outsourcing their sales teams for a variety of reasons. Reduced overhead, less stress on decision makers and the ability to gain direct improvements without additional investments all provide strengthened sales services. However, there is a strong movement opposed to outsourcing as well, which focuses on hiring as a way of enhancing sales value. For businesses considering their options, which solutions will work best will be determined by several factors.

A brand is the most important part of a business' customer interactions. It's what attracts new consumers and keeps prior buyers coming back time and again. Improving hiring processes to focus on brand recognition and promotion can have a positive affect on sales, but so can investing in high-quality outsourced sales teams.

Channel coverage
Some businesses may feel that they can optimize their market and channel coverage better on their own, but it requires significant training for sales teams to know the modern trends and options that truly make channel coverage a primary focus. Outsourced sales expertise can bring that training in from the gate and ensure that a firm is maximizing its potential sooner.

Pure sales power
For some enterprises, sales is a secondary consideration and it never should be. Optimizing sales takes dedication and focus, and sometimes firms simply aren't able to drum up what is needed on their own. However, outsourcing will ensure that sales opportunities are met full force with energy and enthusiasm at every turn.

Outsourcing expertise comes with all of these advantages, and the right investment can still provide control and flexibility to the enterprise.

Additionally, investing in training and advocacy can provide clear advantages by building a solid foundation to provide additional support, optimize sales and help customize and provide multiple delivery models to ensure that brand advocates are always on top of their game. No matter what the industry is, the right training approach can optimize sales teams to provide maximum returns across the board.

The value derived from investing in outsourcing instead of or in addition to in-house sales is determined largely by a company's own values and demands. By working with MarketSource, an enterprise can determine exactly what it needs and optimize its approach through the best possible sales and marketing delivery. Every business is different, and its sales approach should match its vision and innovation, rather than being forced into a mold that it doesn't quite fit.

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Chris Walter is Vice President Strategic Enterprise Services for MarketSource. With more than 20 years of experience increasing customer value in the technology, services, and manufacturing sectors, Chris drives top-line growth and bottom-line performance for MarketSource.

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