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Why You Might Lose Your Top Salesperson

Last week I talked about how important it is to hire the right person for the right job. And then once you’ve got your team in place, use a talent review to evaluate each position periodically and adjust personnel, as needed, in order to keep getting optimal performance from each person. This week, let’s assume […]

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Why Generalists Are Killing Your Sales Pipeline

In the past, the prevailing trend leaned toward generalists, the logic being if one has a “jack of all trades” sales team, they can speak to any buyer and not risk losing potential business. Once considered sound logic in the boardroom, today it is laden with issues that can cripple a sales pipeline.

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What Consumers Look for in a Retailer and the Pre Purchase Dilemma

I recently purchased a new bed, which means I must also venture down the beaten path for new bedding. The Barney blanket I am currently sporting just won’t do long term; and even my four year old is in agreement with this sentiment. Whew, I cannot believe our household has finally outgrown Barney (now, when […]

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