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Channel Management Improvement Series: Does this sound like you? (Part 1)

A few weeks ago I participated in a roundtable session alongside sales and marketing executives representing multiple industries.  During the session we discussed channel performance improvement strategies and I noticed a common theme with those that enlisted the services of a third party channel management company to support their initiatives –they were all experiencing weakness […]

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Channel and Sales Leadership Series: So Many Quotas, So Little Resources (Chart)

A sales executive’s ability to keep sales team members and partners motivated and focused is critical to making sure that the organization positions itself to meet revenue goals.  As many of us have experienced however, company and market dynamics always change day-to-day efforts –whether it is a new product launch, suddenly underperforming partner channels, or […]

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Channel Partner Sales Frustration (Does This Sound Like You Too?)

I was recently discussing channel management with a colleague in the IT industry who is having trouble getting the most out of his sales channel. As he elaborated on the problem, I realized he’s not alone in what he described and that these issues have probably gotten the best of all of us at one […]

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