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Power To the Consumer! – Spring 2014 Retail Trends

It has been a long and cold winter for the United States and the numbers show that it has been a challenging season for many retailers. Retail sales rose by .2% in February and shows that the retail industry is slowly emerging from the winter freeze. So as the first day of spring comes and […]

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Channel Partner Sales Frustration (Does This Sound Like You Too?)

I was recently discussing channel management with a colleague in the IT industry who is having trouble getting the most out of his sales channel. As he elaborated on the problem, I realized he’s not alone in what he described and that these issues have probably gotten the best of all of us at one […]

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Channel Partner Development: Getting Sales out of the other 80%

While traveling I was reviewing a white paper we developed on one of the most common topics I am asked about —how do I activate the other 80% of our channel partners while still focusing on my top performers (20%)?  Usually this is followed by additional comments and questions related to: – Channel Sales Strategy:  […]

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