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Channel and Sales Leadership Series: So Many Quotas, So Little Resources (Chart)

A sales executive’s ability to keep sales team members and partners motivated and focused is critical to making sure that the organization positions itself to meet revenue goals.  As many of us have experienced however, company and market dynamics always change day-to-day efforts –whether it is a new product launch, suddenly underperforming partner channels, or […]

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Why You Might Lose Your Top Salesperson

Last week I talked about how important it is to hire the right person for the right job. And then once you’ve got your team in place, use a talent review to evaluate each position periodically and adjust personnel, as needed, in order to keep getting optimal performance from each person. This week, let’s assume […]

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The True Value of Sales Recruiting Partners

Many companies are spending money to take advantage of a rebounding market, investing in hiring sales people to increase market share and expand their presence in their target vertical markets. Hiring the right salespeople is more important than ever. But not all salespeople – or recruiters – are equal. So what are the true benefits […]

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