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Why Generalists Are Killing Your Sales Pipeline

In the past, the prevailing trend leaned toward generalists, the logic being if one has a “jack of all trades” sales team, they can speak to any buyer and not risk losing potential business. Once considered sound logic in the boardroom, today it is laden with issues that can cripple a sales pipeline.

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Retailers, The Time To Change Is Now

Unless you’ve been living in the remote wilderness, you know that retail is changing.  Are you changing with it? If you can look at your Marketing and Sales strategy and say “this is the way we’ve always done it,” you should be concerned. The new generations, like millennials, are sending huge ripples through the retail […]

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The Relationship Between Online and Brick And Mortar

The line continues to be drawn, and redrawn, between Online and Brick and Mortar retail… How can you influence where your customers choose to shop? With the internet still growing exponentially, retail status quo is likely to continue to change in the coming decade. But it doesn’t mean the end of brick and mortar. In fact, according to a 2014 […]

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