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Brand Marketing Evolution: Understanding Generation Z

Born after 1996, Generation Z already represents $44 billion in discretionary spending and are an interesting blend of the traditional and the nonconformist. Steve Wilson explains the key characteristics that make up Gen Z and how brand marketing and retail will need to shift to appeal to them.

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The New Omnichannel

Pressure from online retailers has big box stores looking into alternative revenue streams. We were reminded of this fact last week when Best Buy announced a partnership to sell solar power leases in 60 of its stores. This new Omnichannel approach breaks the mold on traditional retail and sales models. We’ve been seeing this trend […]

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Channel Management Improvement Series: Does this sound like you? (Part 2)

Last week I shared that I had participated in a roundtable session with several sales and marketing executives representing multiple industries. After our conversation, I began putting together a three part series discussing the more prominent issues regarding channel management that we discussed: Underperforming strategic alliances/partnerships Inconsistent sales performance of channel partners Driving the performance […]

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