How To Make Your Resume Stand Out

by Chuniq Inpower

When an employer posts a new job opening, there can be hundreds of applicants; and in today’s competitive job market, it is not uncommon for thousands of resumes to be submitted for consideration.

With such a high volume of similarly skilled and experienced applicants competing for the role you want, you’ll need to find a way to make your resume stand out in effort to move on to the next stage of the hiring process.

How do you rise above the noise to stand out? Below, MarketSource Recruiting Operations Manager Deron Jordon shares three ways to sail smoothly beyond the clutter of similar applicants.

Three Ways to Revise Your Resume for Success

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Appeal and Format

When creating your resume you want to make sure that it is appealing to the eye. Employers will not take the time to look at a “messy” resume. This often demonstrates that you did not care enough to make your resume look nice, and may leave a negative impression to the employer.

Use bullet points instead of paragraphs in your body text. Your resume is not a book. Employers should be able to quickly scan your resume and understand your education, work history, and accomplishments.

Use Keywords

A standout resume should contain keywords that are relevant to the job you are trying to obtain. Take a look at the job description and figure out what skills and duties the employer is looking for in a potential new hire.

Use these keywords to highlight how your past experience will closely match what your new employer is looking for. Using keywords is important, but don’t overdo it. Be mindful not to seem as if you are just “stuffing” your resume with the right words.

Tell Your Story

When an employer looks at your resume, they should be able to quickly understand what you are trying to convey on your resume. Your resume should tell how you have progressed over the years. This should include things such as accomplishments, skills, and your professional experiences. After reading a resume, employers what to know if they hired you what type of employee they will be bringing in to the organization.

Adding the Finishing Touches

These three ways will guarantee that you are on the right track to building a standout resume. Employers appreciate applicants who take the time to make their resume look appealing, use keywords to that translate to the job description, and that tells a clear story.

Always remember that your resume is the first impression that employers will have of you. If you don’t make a strong impression then you are subject to employers skipping over your resume. Try these tips to make sure your resume is always in consideration! Learn more about our open job roles and sign up for alerts for jobs that fit your profile.

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