The secret weapon to your business’ growth

by Chris Walter

If you’re like many companies that weathered the recessionary storm, you made the right fiscal moves by adjusting your staff, holding off on technology and infrastructure spending, and maximized your current organization to make the most of the sales environment.  We’re seeing the housing market turn the corner, stock market on the rise, and companies holding record cash.  Things are looking up, and it appears the business climate is one that can be taken advantage of.

However, like some companies, you may have waited too long to capitalize on this upturn, and the train could be leaving the station without you.

It’s not too late.  It is possible to rebuild a growth engine fast enough to take full advantage of growth opportunities, and drive revenue growth for 2013.   There is a way to rebuild the growth engine while minimizing the risk between the economic landscape, regulation, and a little pessimism about the growth opportunity.

For decades companies have been able to capitalize on boom times while creatively growing in tough business climates by leveraging a secret weapon: partnering with a sales services provider. This isn’t about manufacturers’ rep firms, but sales services that integrate with your overall sales organization and drive results in areas that would require potentially significant internal investment in capital, resources and time. Without you having to invest in and build technology, processes, training, and staff, sales services companies provide a practically instantaneous, turnkey solution to your growth investment requirements. With Q2 rapidly approaching, now is the time to make hay to bring your 2013 growth targets to life. There are many advantages to partnering with a sale services company like MarketSource:

Fully integrated solutions:  Maintain control and consistency across your sales coverage.  You wouldn’t compromise your brand, and we won’t either.

Turnkey operations providing management, staff, process, and technology:  Sales team members are hired to your specifications, and live your brand.  All resources are W2 employees of MarketSource, removing the burden of regulatory risk from your shoulders.  And each major discipline found within large organizations are focused exclusively on driving sales.

Rapid implementation within weeks not months:  With the ability to execute multiple implementations throughout the year, leveraging our speed and best practices allows you to capitalize on immediate opportunities

Ability to pilot and test larger strategies:  Testing pilot programs representative of larger strategies enables you to hone in on a precise formula for success

Data driven managementUse data and robust analytics to drive performance and continuous improvement

Return on investmentSales programs are designed to drive ROI, with a clear path to ROI from inception

Quality control:  Rigorous business controls (MarketSource is in the process of gaining SSAE 16 certification) lend confidence that operational success is a guaranteed outcome

Learn more about how MarketSource can help you take advantage of the 2013 growth opportunities that abound by contacting us today.

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Chris Walter is Vice President Strategic Enterprise Services for MarketSource. With more than 20 years of experience increasing customer value in the technology, services, and manufacturing sectors, Chris drives top-line growth and bottom-line performance for MarketSource.

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