What Are You Doing to Improve Your Sales Engagement Process?

by Steve Carlisle


For many companies, managing underserved products, markets or sales channels becomes a business challenge preventing them from achieving their financial goals—both short- and long-term.

A common but not widely known solution to these challenges comes from dedicated and fully managed sales models provided by sales outsourcing companies.  These companies function to simultaneously solve concerns around increasing revenue, as well as mitigate risk in a cost effective manner.

The key value drivers motivating companies to utilize outsourced sales models are as follows:

  1. Increase Speed to Market – On-board, train and deploy in a shorter time relative to a “badged” sales team. The quicker the team is actively selling, the sooner increased sales and markets share are realized.
  2. Focus and Expertise – Proven sales expertise, end user market and channel expertise, and extensive sales experience are aimed solely at achieving ROI goals.
  3. Reduce Direct and Indirect Costs – Firmly established and experienced sales oriented infrastructure, with existing economies of scale free your company from costly functions.  Not having a burden of recruiting, on boarding, training, equipping and managing a sales team will reduce both the direct and indirect cost associated with expanding into new markets and sales channels.
  4. Reduce Opportunity Cost – Mitigate the risk associated with entering new markets and sales channels by leveraging multifaceted sales expertise:  sales coverage modeling; sales oriented infrastructure; target market and channel sales expertise.
  5. Variable vs. fixed cost – Shift labor from a fixed, overhead cost model to a variable cost model allowing for greater flexibility to investigate areas of potential at minimal risk.


Want to learn more about why companies are choosing to outsource some of their sales process? Click to download MarketSource’s Consultative Guide on External Sourcing.


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Stephen Carlisle is a B2B Practice Leader at MarketSource. Leveraging MarketSource’s proprietary process and best practices, Steve works with current and prospective customers to assess their sales challenges and design optimized solutions that help our clients sell more, faster.

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