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District Manager Crystal Waldeck was raised in Oahu, Hawaii, by her grandparents.

“My Grandpa Bob was a field laborer,” Crystal says. “He would leave for work before the sun came up and return home after it had gone down. He’s the inspiration for my work ethic today—he always says, ‘if your name is on it, you own it.’ Basically, never do anything halfway.”

Her independence, free spirit, and relentless work ethic has served her well throughout her career.

While in Oahu, after seeing the same people in the same places doing the same thing, she quickly realized her life could use some adventure. So, she cashed out her retirement and used the money to move as far away as she could—5,000 miles away to Maine, to be exact. There, Crystal joined one of MarketSource’s retail programs, where her skills, attitude, and hard work led to her promotion to district manager in Rhode Island. Today, she manages 60 people in 12 stores.

As a district manager, Crystal is admired for her commitment to leadership. “If you build a strong foundation, the walls and windows will be the easy part,” she says. “The harder you work taking care of your people, they will in turn take care of you.” For Crystal, putting her team members first means allowing them to make business decisions and explain their reasoning behind them. This allows her to coach her team on becoming leaders of people themselves one day. “Providing my team members with the tools they need to grow—both personally and professionally—and then watching them realize their potential and achieve their goals is my favorite part about the job,” she says.

Crystal continues to hone her leadership skills and was recently invited to participate in MarketSource’s “Women in Leadership” program. This program is part of our ongoing effort to develop and foster female leaders within the company.

If you were to ask anyone in her district who their biggest cheerleader is, everyone will tell you that it’s Crystal Waldeck. This is the name that she’s worked for and she’s proud of that.


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