The Team Rule

At MarketSource, genuine relationships—between colleagues, partners, and clients—are real, not just something we talk about. 

Authenticity and empathy allow us to understand one another, embrace what makes each of us unique, and build strong, long-lasting relationships.  

“Every person, regardless of their position, is obligated to tell others how they impact them.

Those feelings and ‘facts,’ when they seem important for one’s personal or professional development,
will be given in a caring spirit.

This information will be received as a sign of respect.”

At its core, MarketSource believes in equity and growth. The Team Rule is a method for providing feedback that transcends the normal employee hierarchical structure. Employees are expected to share constructive feedback with their coworkers, and leaders, to reveal and promote opportunities for growth and strengthen relationships.

Cristal S.
Employee Support

The Team Rule allows us to have conversations that just aren’t happening in other companies. I have yet to find a MarketSource staff member who doesn’t live by it. It allows us to feel heard, obligates us to seek to understand first, and encourages us to share in a way that honors each other.

Jim N.
Automotive Account Management

The Team Rule for me means listening and understanding each point of view of the people who belong to the team. In my position this is very important since for a process to flow in the best way it depends on the different roles and responsibilities within the team, taking into account and listening to their opinions and points of view.

Alejandro S.
Business Process Engineering

The Team Rule demonstrates our organization’s commitment to encouraging all employees to own how they feel and expressing those feelings with the person(s) that impact those feelings. We want everyone to be heard AND we want the opportunity to hear! For me, this is the foundation of building strong working relationships. Without strong bonds, we will be limited in what we can achieve together.

Gillian F.
Program Director

The Team Rule is critical in a high-performance culture because it requires not only the courage to speak what is on your mind but the humility to listen to understand.

I remember a situation where the organizational structure changed. A peer was promoted, and I was now reporting to this person. While I didn’t want the position, I also didn’t want a new boss. I expressed my frustration to a colleague; I guess I really vented to him. He let me continue and then said, “are you open to some feedback?” What a disarming phrase! I probably wasn’t open but said yes anyway. That honest feedback completely changed my perspective. I took the opportunity to use the team rule with my new boss. We talked about the transition, about the uncertainty, and came to a level of trust that has served us both quite well.

Pete M.
Automotive Program Management

The Team Rule forces us to think about and express how others impact our work environment. Not only does this help foster a culture of collaboration, but it also keeps gratefulness and the search for synergies at the forefront of our minds

Amish W.
Tech & Analytics

I need to remind myself that my impact may not always line up with my intent and that others give me feedback because they care. That feedback is a gift.

Steve B.
Innovation Center

To me, The Team Rule means that we will all be there for our co-workers and customers, whenever, wherever and whatever. Putting my ego aside and thinking of others first and expecting my teammates to feel the same.

Lisa W.
Automotive Business Development

The Team Rule means that at any time I can provide my leadership with feedback that is beneficial to their or the organization’s development. Giving or getting feedback shows the value and care that your peers or leadership have for you, and vice versa. It is a sign of respect.

Sara A.
Human Resources

The Team Rule allows employees to be vulnerable and honest with each other without negative repercussions. It has helped me build stronger relationships with my partners at work.

Nellie J.
Financial Reporting

Well-intentioned feedback is someone’s investment in your personal and professional growth. I love that MarketSource uses The Team Rule and other relationship-based practices to create an empowering, supportive, family-like company culture that encourages you to be yourself as you take risks, celebrate successes, and learn from your mistakes.

Ashley C.