How Coronavirus (CoVid-19) may affect your sales. 

In the wake of a global emergency where you must take additional precautions and still maintain sales productivity, do you have a contingency plan? Non-essential travel bans are being implemented almost daily at companies around the world. Employees are being asked to work from home. Lead generating events and conferences are being canceled, postponed or moving to a virtual environment. Yet, your year-end sales goals haven’t changed. And with Q2 quickly approaching, you may want to have a supplemental plan in place to help address your revenue goals.

While coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused companies to re-examine and implement policies to protect their workforce, it’s left little time for sales leaders to take actions to minimize the impact to lead generation and pipeline. You may lack the technology needed to operate a distributed sales organization or may be experiencing other barriers to a smooth transition in this rapidly changing environment.

What is your plan to ensure business continuity? How will you address the following issues that companies are reporting they will face in the coming months?

  • Reduction of sales productivity
  • Long and costly implementation times to deliver needed technologies to a distributed workforce
  • Declines in customer service levels
  • Difficulties in maintaining satisfactory levels of account management

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