With MarketSource, you can launch new programs to greater heights..



Compete more effectively

To regain market share lost to aggressive automotive aftermarket companies, a leading automotive OEM partnered with MarketSource to launch a new program. A team of aftermarket sales experts was deployed, making 180 touches to 45,000 Independent Repair Centers and driving a YOY sales increase of 45%.



Expand your business into new markets

A European-based wireless and CE accessory manufacturer wanted to expand its business into the US and needed to build brand awareness and advocacy. MarketSource designed and deployed a training and advocacy solution optimizing coverage and achieving 50% higher per-store sales for covered retail locations and a market share ranking that improved from 7th to 2nd.



Maximize holiday sales

A technology company was ready to launch a high-end computer and needed support on the ground. MarketSource hired, trained and deployed a custom solution within six weeks. By assigning 50 reps to eight major markets, the brand was able to outperform its sales forecast by 28% during the initial holiday launch.



Get big results with limited budgets

A global consumer electronics brand was preparing to launch a product in national retail stores with a limited budget. MarketSource was able to design a customized program to help reach client goals while keeping them within their budget. This resulted in a 54% sales increase within three visits in covered versus uncovered stores.



Streamline efforts for greater impact

A major telecommunications brand had experienced significant growth in its first three years with its installed base of customers. Increasing requests for moves, adds and changes were overwhelming the existing sales team and preventing reps from focusing on larger sales opportunities. Utilizing our continuous improvement process, MarketSource was able to evaluate workflow and develop a solution allowing the sales team to hone their focus. As a result, the close rate on new deals has increased and the size of new sales opportunities with the brand’s field sellers, along with its territory presence, has also increased.

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