Training for Small Markets

Improve Rep Support for a Larger Slice of the Pie

Training comes with plenty of challenges. But when labor is in short supply, you may find yourself without enough face-to-face trainers to train new hires. And in smaller, secondary markets or low-volume stores—even when staff is abundant—it’s often impossible to send trainers to stores with the frequency needed to maintain the right training cadence.

AskMe can help you solve this conundrum.

Imagine that one of your sales reps is placed in a secondary market location and is rarely visited to train them on the latest new features, promotions, or upgrades on a highly competitive product. They may be delivering excellent customer service, but their sales are not up to par simply because they lack the vital knowledge needed to fully inform customers about the advantages of your brand. And, without the latest information, they’re not delivering a consistent brand message everywhere your product is sold.

Think about it: Even if you spend marketing dollars to drive customers into the store, if your messages aren’t getting to the retail floor, your sales are going to suffer.

But then one day, your under-trained rep meets Julie, a live brand training expert, via voice, text, chat, or live video call, through AskMe. Julie is there to partner with your rep, anytime they have product questions, want to know about special discounts and offers, or need access to sell sheets and training videos.

Now imagine that multiple sales reps throughout any one of your geographic territories can access all this valuable information instantaneously through AskMe. They can get the support they need to truly assist customers in the moment to make a better buying decision. They are more confident, leading your customers to feel more comfortable doing business with you.

AskMe has been used by national retail brands and proven to be a tremendously effective way for them to ensure consistent brand training across all stores and assure customers make the right purchase decisions. It gives you peace of mind and serves you up a bigger piece of the pie.

No matter your needs, AskMe experts can help.
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