The most rewarding facet of James Triplett’s role is providing feedback to prospective recruits—and as such he sets a superb example of the MarketSource value of communication.

Retail Account Recruiting Lead James Triplett takes great pride in his work and is purposeful in his leadership, two admirable qualities that have led to three promotions in just over three years.

Quickly moving from recruiter trainee to recruiter to senior recruiter and finally to Account Recruiting lead, James plays a major role in supporting and developing 35+ recruiters in Alpharetta, Georgia, and Bangalore, India. He reviews and approves candidates sent to him by the recruiters; assists in prioritizing locations based on partnerships with field managers; and, his favorite aspect of his role, he provides feedback to help with the recruiters’ career development.

“I view leadership as a mentorship opportunity,” says James. “I’m here to guide my teammates into accomplishing their goals and to provide insight into the different ways to approach a situation. Most of my teammates are new recruiters and trainees, so they are honing their own ‘craft’ or process when it comes to finding potential candidates for open positions. So, I spend a lot of my time teaching the team what kind of candidate fits our success profile, how to present information in a way that leads to candidate follow-up, and so on. I like to keep them encouraged for all of their hard work and effort, even if things don’t work out in their favor.”James credits each of his own leaders, during his career progression, for helping to shape his leadership skills. “I’ve definitely observed how they have operated,” he says. “I get the job done and I do it well because that is what was expected of me and I expect the same from others, too. But you can’t have high expectations without clearly explaining how to meet and exceed them.”

To do this, he utilizes the MarketSource core value of open communication. James has also been told he excels at keeping people in the loop and building trust among others, which comes in handy in his current position. “I’m essentially a liaison between various parties: our recruiters, district managers in the field, upper management, etc.,” he explains. “I relay information to and from all of those parties, as well as keep track of goals and progress along the way.”

With his passion for leadership, it’s no surprise that it is especially gratifying to James to be able to teach others. “Helping to mold new recruiters into the kind of recruiter I became has been a lot of fun – and watching them improve their metrics is incredibly rewarding.”

The best piece of advice James has ever received is to only worry about the things you can control. He explains, “A lot of our work in recruiting is in the hands of the potential candidates. You explain the position, the benefits of joining the company, and the potential for growth at all levels…but you cannot force them to follow through, show up to the interviews, complete their paperwork, or fill out an application. All you can control is how much effort you put into your own work and that effort is seen at all levels…amongst your peers, your leadership, and your field partners.”

And we are grateful for the effort James pours into his job, as well as into the support of each of his fellow teammates.

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Author: Sarah Nicholas

Author: Sarah Nicholas

Sarah is a Content Writer for MarketSource. She has deep experience helping B2B, high-tech companies, and non-profit organizations define and convey their voice through compelling content and strategies that build and scale brands.