Real Values. Real People.

Our values give us purpose. Not just nice-sounding words to put on an office sign.

We live by a set of people-focused values that guide our relationships with each other and with our clients. By putting people first, working together to make others successful, and establishing a rich and empowered work culture, we create opportunities for our people and the businesses we serve.


At MarketSource, genuine relationships—between colleagues, partners, and clients—are real, not just something we talk about.

Authenticity and empathy allow us to understand one another, embrace what makes each of us unique, and build strong, long-lasting relationships. We live by the Team Rule. It obligates each of us to tell others, in a spirit of caring, how they impact us, and it requires that the receiver accept the information as a sign of respect.


Open Communication

Strong, authentic relationships can only grow in an environment where we are candid with one another. And so, we encourage a culture of mutual support and appreciation, holding one another accountable, and recognizing and honoring our differences. We constantly challenge the status quo in order to grow as individuals and as an organization, and we commit to being clear, intentional, and transparent in our communications.

Work Ethic

Our performance is driven by the quality of work we deliver to our colleagues, partners, and clients. That means hard work and determination are non-negotiable—and that we must give our all every time, and in every new challenge. We are competitive, action-oriented, and results-driven.

Serving Others

When we commit to serving others, we commit to delivering on our promises. We strive to be selfless because we know it’s the only way we can improve our clients’ businesses—and our own. Our philosophy is: “whenever, wherever and whatever you need, we’ll be there.”