Social Media Guidelines

Our Commitment to You

MarketSource appreciates the opportunity to build deeper relationships with our team members, customers, prospective job candidates, and other members of our community through social media by showcasing our culture and our values; celebrating our team members; providing thought leadership; and engaging and interacting with our audiences.

The following guidelines outline how we expect to engage with each other on social media, in addition to opportunities for further dialogue. We look forward to connecting with you and will do our best to answer your questions, consistent with our established engagement guidelines.

Engagement Guidelines

MarketSource values open communication through respectful discussion between users. While participating on our community pages, we ask that everyone is treated with respect and complies with the terms and conditions of the social platforms.

We believe communication is an important part of building relationships and want to provide a friendly space to connect. That is why any personal attacks, vulgarity, racism, spamming, profanity, and threats of any kind will not be tolerated and deleted immediately. If the unkind behavior is repetitive, we reserve the right to block you from our social community. We will also delete any content that violates these terms:

Release of private, personal information
For-profit solicitations
Content of a sexual, lewd or indecent nature
Threat of physical harm, stalking, illegal activity or intentional disruption of organizational activities
Advocating or causing the damage or destruction of property
Illegal discrimination or harassment (including sexual harassment)
Posts from a fake or anonymous profile
The Terms and Conditions of Facebook
The Terms and Conditions of Instagram
The Terms and Conditions of Twitter
The Terms and Conditions of LinkedIn
The Terms and Conditions of YouTube

Opportunities for Further Dialogue

Social media is a great tool for connection, but we acknowledge that some conversations are better addressed through another means of contact. Unless you are a team member or a customer with an existing point of contact at MarketSource, we recommend you contact us at as the best and most efficient way to address any concerns.