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Delivering Great Retail Shopping Experiences

Whether your brand is looking to boost in-store or online sales and brand advocacy, create engaging experiences for shoppers, build or expand a sales team, or empower store associates with knowledge and confidence, we deliver purpose-built sales solutions. With intelligent territory coverage, right-sourced sales teams, tech-enabled everything, our industry professionals design programs and processes to achieve your specific goals.
Online and in-store, we help some of the world’s most iconic Retail organizations build their brands, connect with consumers, deliver great customer experiences and drive superior sales results.

Welcome to the Future of Customer Engagement

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Featured Solutions


Our passionate and knowledgeable brand advocates increase mindshare and build excitement among retail sales associates and managers. Virtual brand representatives improve partner support and relationships and increase brand sell-through using instant messaging, text, and web or video chat. [Virtual + In-Store]



 Our experts create personalized engagements—online and in-store. With in-depth brand and product knowledge, they guide product choices, make recommendations, increase sales and achieve greater upsell and cross-sell. [Virtual + In-Store] 


Our learning and development experts design and deliver impactful, engaging, and memorable training using state-of-the-art learning techniques and technology. From instructional design, content development, and production, to expert facilitation and a robust learning management system, we can train any size audience. [Virtual + In-Person]


We bring your brand to life through memorable brand experiences and sales through in-store demos, pop-up shops, promotional events, product launches, and more.


Our people, processes, and technologies help you achieve faster, more flexible, and more cost-efficient sales.


Our retail operations teams handle everything from staffing, POS, inventory management, logistics, and store set-up.


MarketSource has recruiters with the precise skills and experience, supported by industry-leading technology and processes, that can result in tremendous impacts to the organization and revenue.


Our team drives visual presence through audits, adjusting display/product sets, facilitating NPIs, and engaging store leadership to maximize placement, positioning, and POP.


With a team of seasoned retail experts, MarketSource works with retailers and brands to deliver great customer experiences and superior sales results.

The Power of Location for Intelligent Decisions and Sustainable Growth

Using the world’s most powerful mapping and spatial analytics software, our team of data scientists, geospatial experts, and GIS analysts give meaning to data that is often hidden and under-leveraged.

Mapping and location analysis is critical to informed decision-making for businesses that want to better understand customer behavior, where to grow their business, and visualize and manage operations.


Optimize Your Retail Workforce

For many retailers, the most difficult part of managing hourly employee schedules is matching employee preferences and availability with the needs of the business. REPfirst™, MarketSource’s proprietary workforce management/employee engagement platform, helps retailers meet employees where they are to deliver the kind of experience their customers crave.

We know Retail. We know your Customers. We know your Industry.

What differentiates the fastest growing, most agile retailers and retail brands? The ability to execute. But on what? These companies have aligned their entire retail operations and marketing organizations around a common set of winning strategies and actionable tactics.

Here’s how to become one of them.

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