Outsourcing Provider Wins Retail Services Vendor Award


Marketing and sales-team solutions company, MarketSource, was recognized this month as a top retail-outsourcing vendor. Outsourcing Gazette Magazine named the outsourcing provider partner this month to its annual list of Most Promising Retail Services Vendors.

A prominent partner in the retail and B2B sectors, MarketSource is noted for its ability to deliver field sales and marketing, brand advocacy, and product training for companies of all sizes.

MarketSource President Rick Haviland states that the company is honored to be named among the country’s most promising outsourcing providers. He adds, “It’s about creating the best possible customer experience by providing the right information and training to the sales associates. Engaging customers in a collaborative conversation is something we are passionate about.”

Haviland credits the company’s healthy growth on its customer focus and its high performance, relationship-based culture.
A subsidiary of Allegis Group, Inc., MarketSource’s expertise is in delivering top-notch innovative sales strategies and sales execution. The company integrates brand-centric marketing and sales programs in the Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Home Improvement, and Information Technology and Telecom industries.

The Outsourcing Gazette’s evaluation team looked at nearly 300 nominations for their annual award, and “shortlisted top service providers… a distinguished panel comprised of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts including the Outsourcing Gazette editorial board (then) deciding the final 25 Most Promising Retail Services Vendors.”

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