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Inclusion Is In
Our Culture

At MarketSource, we put diversity, equity, and inclusion at the center of everything we do. DEI is not a singular initiative. It’s embedded in the fabric of who we are as a company.

Diversity, equity, & inclusion touches every dimension—mindsets, skills, and cultural backgrounds. It’s about differences in who we are. What we’ve experienced. How we think. We aim to be deeply inclusive—from our corporate values to our recruitment approach, our learning and development practices to business initiatives. We create a work environment where the diverse experiences and perspectives of all our employees help to drive innovation and transform business results.

Relationships First

As a relationships-first organization, we live by real, genuine relationships—between colleagues, partners, and clients. Authenticity and empathy allow us to understand one another, embrace what makes each of us unique, and build strong, long-lasting relationships.

Open Communication

We can only be our true selves when we are open and candid with one another. And so, we commit to being clear, intentional, and transparent in our communications. And we encourage a culture of mutual support and appreciation—recognizing and honoring our differences.


Jessica Sears, Director of Financial Operations, and Lisa Walsh, Executive Director of Automotive, explore how MarketSource is empowering women to influence the organization’s growth and ensure clear pathways for future leaders.


Courageous Conversations was a diversity and inclusion training and awareness program we co-created with a client. It aimed to deepen jointly our teams’ understanding of how people experience discrimination and gave them resources to prevent inequality.


Andrea Bader, Director of Organizational Development, describes the importance of rooting training and development in diversity and inclusion.


Mosaic Employee Resource Group for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color celebrates difference and makes space for honest, difficult conversations.


Attracting, promoting, and retaining employees with a broad range of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.


Infusing D&I learning into our overall learning strategy helps employees learn ways to adapt and adopt a diverse and inclusive workplace.


Aligning our D&I strategy with our existing cultural framework and core business strategies allows us to instill D&I into how we work with our clients.


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