Sales Outsourcing Gets You to Your Goals Faster

Why Do Companies Rely on B2B Sales Outsourcing?

Outsourced sales teams are hard-wired to sell—singularly focused on selling—able to fulfill the potential of both your day-to-day sales operations and your most challenging projects. These managed sales teams give you speed, agility, and expansion capabilities you may not have in-house, all while minimizing your risks. Here’s how sales outsourcing can solve your most persistent sales dilemmas.

Sales are stagnant while you struggle to attract or retain top sales talent

You lack the resources to recruit a high-performing sales team. You can’t keep pace with turnover, and revenues suffer while territories lie vacant, and reps come up to speed. Outsourced B2B managed sales companies have always-on, specialized sales recruiters who find sellers with the right skills to move customers through your pipeline. They maintain a steady pipeline of qualified candidates, deploy recruiting strategies to attract them, and use onboarding and coaching strategies to retain them, resulting in:

  • Improved quality of hires
  • Reduced recruitment costs
  • Enhanced scalability to address seasonal or project requirements

You’re Trying to Get to Market Quickly

It can take six months or more to recruit, hire, onboard, train, and get a new sales rep productive. A B2B sales company can have right-fit sellers producing and contributing to your sales objectives in a fraction of that time. They’ll map your sales processes, develop digital and in-person sales training, select, integrate, and deploy sales-optimizing technology, and manage benefits, assets, and payroll to deliver:

  • Greater speed to hire and productivity
  • Proven ability to launch national or regional sales teams quickly
  • Swift backfill of open territories and top grading of sales talent
  • Assured territory coverage

Business, Economic, or Market Uncertainties make it hard to know exactly what size sales team you need

Under these conditions, many companies prefer the status quo to hiring sellers, knowing they may have to relieve them of their positions a short time later. Outsourced sales teams can quickly scale up or down, giving you the confidence to move forward, knowing they can pivot as needed. They place an intense focus on specific sales tasks, but with total flexibility to change swiftly when market dynamics demand a modification to sales focus, territory, product, and/or team structure.

You Want to Take Advantage of Market Opportunities But Hesitate because of the potential consequences 

Managed sales companies have the flexibility to pivot swiftly when market dynamics demand a change to sales focus, territory, product, or team structure without exposing you to the potential disruption or negative impact it could have on your sales team.

You’re Launching or Testing a New Product or Strategy and Need Your Sellers to Stay Focused on Their Current Line-Up

Keep your sellers focused on your existing product line-up while your sales partner targets the new product or strategy. By augmenting your team with just the right talent with honed skills, you ensure that both new and existing product lines receive the support they require.

You’re unable to realize the revenue potential of your tail accounts

Like many organizations, your sellers may be calling on the 20% of accounts that usually buy from you, because that’s where the greatest and most constant source of revenue is. But that means they’re leaving money on the table, and you’re likely missing out on the revenue potential from the 80% of your “tail accounts,” among which there are accounts that are spending — just not with you. An outsourced sales team that identifies and focuses on growing your share of wallet from these often-overlooked accounts could be the answer to growing revenue.

of future revenues come from 20% of existing customers – Gartner

more cost-effective to sell to existing customers vs. acquiring new customers.  future revenues come from 20% of existing customers – Marketing Metrics

You want to Reduce customer churn, grow revenue from current customers, or reactivate dormant accounts

When you’re looking to increase revenue from cross- and upsells, a managed sales provider can implement a winning omnichannel program to change your churn trajectory, address your silver accounts, or reactivate your dormant accounts so you can focus on developing your software, product, or service. They bring the vertical expertise and persona/buyer knowledge to target and engage your customers, compelling them not only to buy more but stick around for the long haul.

You Need Help With Indirect channel partner management or want to increase channel partner revenue

Staffing a channel program with highly motivated sales reps is a heavy lift for many distributors. An outsourced managed sales provider designs a channel partner sales strategy and recruits, trains, and manages a dedicated team of salespeople who gain traction by selling under your brand, behind your firewall. They accelerate and expand channel growth by identifying revenue opportunities and multiplying the power of scarce sales resources, helping channel partners sell more to your customers and surface new routes to market.

You want to expand your sales team while avoiding infrastructure and software costs

Your managed sales partner maintains and manages your sales team, so you don’t have to. That includes onboarding, initial and ongoing training, a robust tech stack optimized for selling, and business intelligence to guide expansion in response to market conditions or opportunities. Your outsourced sales team is backed by processes and sales enablement technologies to keep a pulse on the market, generate insights that empower you to seize market opportunities, execute on changes to your sales strategy, benchmark your progress, and achieve your growth goals.

You have no path or process to ensure continuous sales improvement or innovation

Your managed sales provider should be obsessed with continuous improvement in everything they do, always working to reduce sellers’ red time, increase their green time, and streamlining processes for greater efficiency. Business process engineers who leverage engineering approaches design and refine processes to allow reps to sell more—and faster—to your target customer.

You lack a sales enablement strategy

A strong managed sales partner uses documented and proven methodologies with rigorous processes and technology that define and measure key strategy components and deliver superior performance against mutually agreed-upon metrics and goals. After all, you can only manage what you can measure! Business process engineers, instructional designers, and certified sales technology and enablement experts drive effectiveness and efficiency across your entire customer experience.

Your sales tech stack isn’t optimal

The ideal B2B managed sales partner will have at hand a range of sales technologies that enable data sourcing, enrichment and hygiene, customer engagement, training and coaching, skill enhancement, prospecting, segmentation, and cadence development. Their tech stack should include technologies that automate processes, eliminate waste, increase skill and acumen, and have a measurable impact on the business.

You lack timely business intelligence (BI)

A B2B outsourced sales provider specializes in helping clients enhance decision-making to drive better outcomes by continuously analyzing data and delivering actionable reporting solutions supported by large-scale analytics and data warehouse solutions.

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