Lauren Embodies Positivity

“I want to make a difference every day,” states Organizational Development Supervisor Lauren Taylor. “While that’s not usually the result of one grandiose action, I equally enjoy all the little steps that contribute to one successful leap forward.”

Since joining MarketSource nearly three years ago, Lauren has epitomized this in the leaps she has made in her career. She has won two achievement awards… increased adoption of one of our key learning technologies nearly 20-fold… and was recently promoted from HR technology analyst into her current role.

The stage was set during her first job at age 16—managing the office of the family business, where, she explains, “Performance expectations were on a totally different level. I always felt as if everything I did, my energy, my work ethic, impacted the business, so I strived to always show up as my best. That set the tone for my future career. Now, I view the way in which I show up at work as an impact to my personal brand, my career growth, and my development.”

Today, Lauren supports several organizational development initiatives, including talent assessments; success profiles; performance management; oversight of our learning and HR technologies; and the development and implementation of leadership and professional development programs. These people-centric responsibilities rely on building good relationships. And this, according to Lauren, depends on two simple rules she embodies: 1) Always listen, and 2) Never pass anyone without saying hello.

“I’m that person who gets in the elevator and, if I see you’re headed to a MarketSource floor, immediately strikes up a conversation. We already have something in common, so let me introduce myself! Actively listening has also been key for me. When you listen to someone’s perspective and show genuine interest in them, you instantly build a connection. The next time you see them, you can call them by their name or ask about their family. My career has always been customer-centric, which for me means you deliver an exemplary experience. To delight my customer, I can’t just meet their expectations—I must exceed them.”

Her favorite quotes are emblazoned on her refrigerator at home: “Every storm runs out of rain,” by Maya Angelou, and “Comparison is the thief of joy,” by Theodore Roosevelt.

Lauren has been described as a team player, a great teacher, a hard worker, patient, and kind, with “positive” consistently mentioned. While positivity comes naturally to her, she says it’s been a muscle she has had to flex over the past 10 years, as her daughter was diagnosed with several medical conditions during that time. “Having a child with special needs challenged my positivity,” she says. “I’ve been in dark moments, dealing with something so terrifying that I’d find myself wanting to stay in bed all day. But I always pushed forward, which built up my resiliency and confidence. When you know you can get through difficult times, it builds a deep gratitude toward life, and that drives positivity.”

Another driver of her positive outlook is associating with colleagues who have the attitude, energy, and performance you aspire to have yourself.

Her favorite quotes are emblazoned on her refrigerator at home: “Every storm runs out of rain,” by Maya Angelou, and “Comparison is the thief of joy,” by Theodore Roosevelt.

“Both of these quotes reset my frame of mind in different situations. For the first quote, if I’m going through a difficult challenge at work or at home, I’m reminded that the feelings that accompany that situation are temporary because the challenge itself is temporary. The second quote helps me through situations when I compare myself to someone else and feel negatively. I start to become very curious about the root of those feelings and remind myself of how grateful I am for everything I have. The key to both is that you allow yourself to ‘feel’ your feelings, but don’t necessarily act on – or react to – them. Keep moving forward!”

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