Customer Success

Deliver Outcomes, Not Products

Customer Success is built on the premise that developing early, deeper relationships with customers and ensuring they are realizing the business value of their investments leads to greater retention, improved product penetration, increased advocacy, and sustainable long-term value. You become more than just a vendor—you become a strategic partner.

Go Beyond Happy to Successful Customers

Customer Success is the key to improved retention, customer growth, and advocacy. It transforms a one-time purchase into a long-term relationship in which you are seen as a partner and a trusted advisor.
Companies are recognizing the transformative power of Customer Success, and its importance is growing as the subscription economy and “as-a-service” industries emerge. Using a data-driven approach to monitor customer health and uncover insights, a Customer Success practice allows an organization to proactively guide customers toward product adoption and service utilization, lead them to renew, expand the relationship, and develop customer advocates who maintain brand loyalty, refer new customers and act as a quality reference.

Our Customer Success approach—A.R.E.A.—empowers customers with tailored operational models, scalable enablement channels—webinars, video engagement, digital adoption, and training—platform technologies, and the delivery of end-customer-facing services. 

product usage

+ Onboarding
+ Lifecycle Management
+ Education
+ Value Realization

Increase renewals
and reduce churn

+ Gross and Net Revenue Retention
+ Customers 4 Life Programs
+ Churn Reduction

Upsell, cross-sell, and increase average customer revenue

+ Cross-sell
+ Up-sell
+ Incremental License Sales

Business outcomes aligned
with product or service

+ Referral Programs
+ CS Qualified Leads
+ Resell and Affiliate Programs

Measurable, data-driven results based on customer-defined outcomes and value 

Best practices and principles to return maximum results in the shortest time-to-value 

Iterative approach to improve workflows, customer journey mapping, and profitability 

Proprietary methodology and framework, adapted for each customer and each engagement 

Customer Success Start-Up


Turnkey CS solution gets customers up and running quickly and effortlessly


Customer Success Optimization


CS solution augments customer’s existing Customer Success team

of future revenues come from 20% of existing customers
– Gartner
more cost effective to sell to existing customers vs acquiring new customers
– Marketing Metrics
of B2B advocates’ contacts respond to recommendations
– Zuberance

Do You Need Customer Success?

Learn what it takes to build a Customer Success practice, expand to drive adoption among Silver or Tier B accounts, and include channel partners in your motion, moving them from reactive to proactive.



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