4 Tips To Win Your Dream Job


Everyone has their unique definition of a dream job and for those interested in advancing their career, there are a few steps that can be followed to get closer to landing that new and exciting role. Although the U.S unemployment rate recently dropped to 4.7 percent in May, opportunities still exist for job seekers to elevate their careers, or test their skills in a new industry. The potential is boundless, but before you land your dream job, there are steps involved to help guarantee your success.

Below are five tips from Nadine Louw, Creative Sourcing Specialist, to help guide professionals of all ages when starting a new job search.

Know Yourself

Self-knowledge and awareness are vital sources of information when considering your next career move. One who is able to articulate what their goals are, office likes/dislikes, professional strengths and weaknesses and also, what makes you happy.

Whether you are able to learn more about yourself through experience, personality/career assessments, or both, knowing yourself is the first step to your dream job. If you know yourself and what you want to do, you’ll find ease in identifying all necessary steps that will help you become the best candidate in your new career.


In recruiting, we know that referrals make the best employees because candidates who are referred through friends, previous colleagues and family tend to make it through the hiring process and stay with the company longer. With advancements in technology and social media, it has become a simple and mutually beneficial process to refer someone within your network to an potentially life-changing opportunity. This establishes networking an important aspect to getting closer to winning your dream job. 

Networking is not only about meeting new people and becoming acquaintances, but you can also take advantage of learning about what people do, gain insight into different careers and roles. From volunteering in your community, joining associations or work groups, internships or attending networking events you should always take advantage of the opportunity to advance your professional circle.

Be Professional Online 

When it comes to social media, always remain cognizant of the content you post, share or like because today’s employers can use social media to learn about their current, or future employees. Since your social media accounts can be representative of who you are, build a personal brand that positively represents you and promotes your skills and experiences. Share articles on LinkedIN that spark conversation or interest with like-minded colleagues. Comment, like and share industry topics with your connections and get engaged!

Also, keep in mind to refrain from any online language and/or activities that could be interpreted as offensive, vulgar or derogatory. Keep it clean.

Do Your Research

Know the details of the position and the background of the company to which you are applying. Find out more about the company’s missions, values, leadership, recent news and awards. Ask questions during the interview that displays your brand knowledge and enthusiasm for the organization.

Write down key points of interest and relate those to your skills or previous accomplishments. For example, if a company has revealed a corporate-wide commitment to saving the rainforest, be sure to highlight your study abroad semester in South America. Make connections. Demonstrate your professional and personal alignment with the company.