Employee Spotlight: Leslee Klein

Employee Spotlight: Leslee Klein

For Leslee Klein, going above and beyond for her client is second nature. As associate engagement manager, she has walked customers and account teams through contracts late at night due to time differences (Germany, for instance!) and has joined customer migration calls in either the very early morning hours or after business hours to ensure all expectations have been met. 

“Providing an excellent customer experience and ensuring their success is top priority for me,” says Leslee. “Our program operates on a global scale and working with customers to support our product requires calls in different time zones. I am always up for the task to ensure my clients know they can count on me to go the extra mile.” 

It’s no surprise, then, that her favorite part of the job is providing the best customer success experience. “It’s rewarding when I receive positive feedback from my customers,” explains Leslee. “It makes me feel valued and connected with my clients.” 

She continues: “Surpassing expectations, loyalty, and attentiveness goes a very long way with building long-term customer relationships.” 

When asked for the best advice Leslee has ever received, she provides four instead, true to form.

Don’t overthink new responsibilities, deadlines or conflicts. “Slay the dragon and move on. To succeed, you have to have the confidence to take things head on and keep moving forward.”


Think big…don’t be afraid to be bold.


Listen before speaking.


Learn something new every day.

We’re proud to have Leslee on our team and are so grateful for her commitment to a job well done.