Every year, MarketSource proudly sponsors two team members to join #GirlsClub, an organization committed to changing the face of sales by empowering more women to earn roles in leadership. In 2023, MarketSource’s Katie Gordon and Vedrana Skopljak were accepted as protégés into the program.

Katie Gordon, a program manager on a MarketSource automotive program, is a mother of three who has always valued the opportunity to be a working mother, allowing her children to see their mom growing outside the home.

Vedrana Skoplijak is an inside sales representative for a MarketSource program that sells products within a variety of office-supply retailers. Originally from Bosnia and Hercegovina, her family moved to Germany when she was young. Having lived in the U.S. for 25 years, she’s fluent in three languages. Vedrana has two sons, whom she calls her greatest blessings.

The #GirlsClub program was educational and eye-opening for both Katie and Vedrana. Two recurrent themes highlighted the training: risk-taking and confidence-building. Katie’s #GirlsClub mentor made sure she got maximum benefit from their monthly one-on-one sessions. Her mentor encouraged her to push beyond her comfort zone, speak up about pertinent issues, and have raw and authentic conversations.

“The safe route tends to hover over me, so gaining the confidence to believe in myself and to empower my team is crucial to our success. Pushing myself to speak up, I am now a stronger leader, and it will continue to be a game changer for me. My mentor gave me tools to become a stronger woman in the workplace,” Katie says.

While MarketSource has a strong reputation for supporting women in leadership roles throughout the company, Katie notes how important it is in her particular role.

“The automotive industry is still very heavily male-dominated. Key for me was our #GirlsClub course on having difficult conversations. This included powerful content on helping other team members—particularly women—use their confidence and voices in the field.”

Vedrana noted how her mentor used the results of a personality and skills test to pinpoint what she needed to do to become more successful in sales. Besides receiving guidance from mentors, participants gain valuable professional insights from advocates and sponsors who engage everyone in productive discussions on relevant management topics and concerns. Says Vedrana, “I have taken risks many times in life, and I believe we have to continue learning to succeed. Being surrounded by women who have more knowledge than me gives me confidence. I never want to be the smartest person in the room; I’d rather be surrounded by people who know more in order to grow.”

Vedrana also noted how much fun it was. “Women in sales have humor to them, so imagine many of them in one room! I was never once uncomfortable.”

Both women take pride in working for MarketSource, a company that encourages and supports the continued development of their people and assists them in taking the right path to achieving their goals.

The Best Advice

In addition to what #GirlsClub has taught Katie and Vedrana, both women also approach life and work with what they say is the best advice they ever received:

Katie says, “I have lived with the constant reminder to be resilient, pull up your bootstraps, and keep on going.”

Vedrana says, “Stay humble.”

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