“I’m a Better Leader Because of David Mead”

David Mead, Program Director, is the recipient of this year’s MarketSource Leadership Award. 

“David creates clarity during times of confusion, and shined brightest during the darkest days of COVID, and continues to do so,” says Colleen Bonney, Client Services Director. During the early days of the pandemic, he maintained a continuous presence in the field, supporting his team, demonstrating to his client the vital nature of the program, and keeping them all connected.   

Flights were grounded but that didn’t stop David. In true “road warrior” style, he put thousands of miles on a rental car, visiting MarketSource and frontline employees in over 200 store locations across the United States. He implemented virtual visits to maintain continuous development of his team. Regional managers and district managers have welcomed him as their coach and cheerleader in trying times. As always, he sets an example as a caring and compassionate director, day in and day out. 

David doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. He supports several causes close to his heart. For instance, he has participated in community service and school rebuilding activities in Honduras. As an avid fisherman, he lends his off time to conservation efforts along Florida’s natural coastal habitats to preserve the sport for future generations. The consummate family man, David also devotes quality time to his two granddaughters.  

The high praise he has earned from coworkers and clients alike shows how others have been transformed by David’s commitment to MarketSource values. A few of his team members had this to say: 

“David is transformational. He puts us in positions to become more than our job descriptions where we evolve naturally.”


“David makes you believe you can be the best you can be.”


“He has the ability to lead and guide a team, motivating and inspiring individuals to get them where they need to be.”


“David is someone you can look up to and be proud to follow.”


“I am a better leader because of David Mead, and I cannot thank him enough for that.”

David, MarketSource thanks and congratulates you on receiving the Leadership Award. We deeply appreciate your contributions to our teams and to our company.