Three Requirements to Ensure Outsourced Sales ROI

Any service or investment requires clear return for a firm to understand the value gained from it. Without quantifiable ROI, companies have no justification for investing further and lack any benchmarks or guidelines to make additional changes or improvements. This is especially true in sales, where firms have to rely on unpredictable factors as well as the prowess of their sales team and strategies. In order to optimize this side of the equation, businesses should consider outsourced sales as a way to gain several advantages that provide clear ROI.

As a key way to establish the value of outsourced sales, firms are able to see consistent validation of their efforts with clear ROI. This boosts several other areas of operations, from decision making to increased adaptability, and promotes stronger confidence, as well. However, in order to optimize ROI with sales, firms need to see several key factors fall into place.


Any outsourcing provider worth its salt will have powerful analytics solutions in place to optimize improvements and constantly evaluate service. Analytics are growing in importance for all areas of business, but in sales, they are crucial for optimizing efforts alongside consumer trends. Without high-quality reporting in place, businesses aren’t able to adapt or overcome challenges quickly, nor have the opportunity to effectively strategize when new solutions to boost sales present themselves. By ensuring the outsourcing provider has adequate analytics solutions in place, a firm is confirming that it is able to get the most value from the arrangement.

Actionable Intelligence

Related to analytics is the development of actionable intelligence. Without analytics and adequate reporting solutions, firms lose out on valuable insight that can help them change product and service offerings or adapt marketing campaigns. More than anything, actionable intelligence requires a back and forth between a firm and the sales provider, which involves both sides focusing on furthering value.

Coverage Modeling

While better known as a necessity of successful sales, firms also need to consider the coverage modeling of the firm providing assisted sales. Both initially and over time, based on ROI, coverage modeling is essential for establishing stronger service and growth. This requires companies to work together to establish optimized strategies that optimize coverage. This directly increases ROI, customer satisfaction, and a firm’s flexibility to adapt further.

Additional considerations, such as having the vendor integrated with company goals and processes, as well as the ability to pay for performance, are also key factors. However, the above three will help a business make an educated decision regarding which outsourcing firm to go with and how to foster a positive relationship with them. Outsourcing doesn’t mean simply offloading sales to another company. It’s optimizing the process through the expertise and training that the other firm brings to the table, combined with the goals and ambitions of the business.