Avoid the Sales Strategy Headache. Get Your Hands on the Hearts of Your Customers.

Though we’ve come to the end of this blog series on customer experience (CX) trends, the solutions mentioned here should stay fresh on your mind when drafting new sales strategies next year. Next year will only bring more change and more trends, but continuous research and revisions to your strategy will keep your customers happy and your business, well, in business.

Remembering our two previous blogs that highlighted the importance of a seamless omnichannel experience and the benefits of proper training, let’s walk through one last trend, which was thoroughly discussed throughout this past year and that continues to make or break businesses.

Personalize, so both sides win.

With such large social and digital presences, businesses no longer need to worry if customers will find them. The more important question is whether or not the customers will stay when they do find you. Take time to consider what impression your website, your social media pages, and your employees are leaving on your customers. Reduce customer effort to increase customer loyalty. Are they easily finding a personal touch (specific to them) during each step of their buying journey?

Creating a different, personalized CX for each person seems like a never-ending, to-do list. However, customers are only asking for the same thing they’ve always wanted—to be taken care of. And, despite what you may think, this process should feel never-ending. Constantly changing to meet business and consumer needs shows you understand the importance of this innate desire to be catered to. Your claims to have personalized experiences mean nothing to your customers if they can’t feel these things on their own time and platform of choice. Consistency in your process and claims will create consistency for your customer, in turn, creating a fully personalized and lasting experience.

If you build it, they will come.

If you create personalized experiences, customers will come; but, more importantly, they’ll stay. Doing this shows customers that you’ve taken time to consider their exact needs and sincerely want to help make their lives easier. Engrossing your customer in your product or in your brand with demonstrations and interactive displays fosters a stronger emotional bond than simply offering crisp, clean displays when they walk into a store or find you online. It’s critical to uncover their wants and wishes, so you can serve better experiences despite the platform.

“You only have 15 to 20 seconds of good time with a customer,” explains Mea Abraham, president of Sales Builders Marketing. With such a small window of opportunity, you must be clear and concise with your messages and demos. Yes, you want to present something unique and eye-opening to the customers, but you don’t want to overwhelm them. If they are confused, you’ve lost both the customer and the sale. Finish the drill by proactively creating experiences that will enlighten them, hit home with them, and keep them coming back for more.

What sales goals do you already have in place for next year? To be sure your strategy will help you reach those goals, don’t forget these CX tips and more. There is a method to the madness, and learning which CX trends to focus on will bring you success well beyond the following years. Don’t wait to make changes. If you want to discuss how MarketSource can help you solve some of your biggest challenges, contact us today.