MarketSource Employee Spotlight: Deb Blasdell

Senior Proposal Development Specialist Deb Blasdell considers herself an introvert, but her partners would counter that she’s an expert at building relationships. And it must be an impressive number of relationships—given her job description, combined with her 17 years at MarketSource.  

Deb’s role within our marketing department is to work with various stakeholders across the company to develop compelling client-facing proposals and sales presentations. “The benefits of my job are twofold,” she says. “I absolutely love the incredible work family we have here at MarketSource; and it’s also a great feeling when that proposal finally leaves our doors and makes it to the client.” 

As you would expect, being a good business partner is critical to her role—and she recognizes that building and maintaining strong relationships, as well as possessing a strong work ethic, are two very important components to accomplishing that task. Deb says she approaches projects with the mindset of doing whatever it takes to help her partners succeed, which explains why she is routinely acknowledged for her reliability, consistency, and ever-positive attitude. 

“I think maintaining a positive attitude is important because it makes you approachable,” she says. “You don’t always know what others are going through, but you can do your part by putting a smile on your face and providing words of encouragement. I believe that alone helps those you’re around to feel comfortable being creative and open to new ideas, which in turn increases your chances for successful outcomes.” 

When asked about the consistent kudos she receives from partners, she maintains her kind, humble outlook. “I’m just doing my job,” she continues. “I want to go that extra mile to let them know that what they’re working on is just as important to me as it is to them. I want them to succeed.” 

So what’s the best advice she’s ever received? “To take feedback for what it is: a gift that helps you improve your craft. Don’t take it personally. Learn from it!” She continues, “Life is already tricky enough. Don’t make it any harder than it already is. Every day is an opportunity to see something in a different way.”