MarketSource Employee Spotlight: Stephanie Pischke

District Manager Stephanie Pischke’s superpower is a steadfast positive attitude. “I have an uncontrollable urge to sing for no reason at all,” Stephanie jokes. But this is just a peek into the positive light she shines on all those that know her. And her shining light earned her a nomination for an internal company award by her peers. 

She explains, “I feel like if you see someone without a smile, you should give them yours.” [The namesake of the internal award] demonstrated incredible strength, determination, and positivity in light of the tremendous challenges she faced. “That inspires me to reach deep, ask for help and push on with positivity as challenges grow.” 

And push on she has. In the past, Stephanie was faced with health challenges that no doubt tested her positivity to the limits—and she passed with flying colors. In fact, she didn’t even let them slow her down. Her first concern was taking care of her people and continuing to be there to support them. “My team and their needs are paramount,” she explains. “I cannot shut down when faced with a challenge or obstacle…and they actually allow me to speak from the heart to my team about believing in themselves.” 

Stephanie says receiving this particular award reminded her that she is responsible for the energy she brings into a room. “Inspiring people have supported and helped me become who I am today,” she says. “I want to offer that same support to those who will give me the honor and see the worth in investing in themselves. I believe helping others is truly the secret to success.”