MarketSource Employee Spotlight: Mike Salemme

Described as having “the energy of a young buck with the wisdom of a veteran,” District Manager Mike Salemme is known for his unwavering selflessness and it earned him a nomination for an internal company award by his peers. 

“I show up to work every day hoping to make a difference in the people I work with,” Mike says, and while there are many examples of his selflessness, one stands out from the rest. With a team member in the hospital for nearly a month with COVID-19, Mike knew eating the hospital Jell-O had to be getting old. As soon as the thought struck him, and with the nurse’s permission, he picked up dinner and headed to the hospital.  

After delivering food—to not only his team member, but all six nurses on the floor that day—Mike was able to wave to his friend through the door, which brought up a whole other level of emotion. “We have a lot going on these days with our stressors, but when you see someone whose only goal that day is to make sure oxygen flows through their lungs, it puts a lot into perspective,” he explained. He also points out that, while that was just one afternoon with a team member, it’s been a long two years dealing with COVID-19. Understanding that the pandemic has taken a physical and emotional toll on people’s wellbeing, Mike made sure all of his team members were safe and that they knew if there was anything they needed, “I’ve got them covered.”  

“Winning this award is by far the highest honor I’ve ever received,” Mike said. “At the end of the day, I feel like if I made a team member smile, that’s all the motivation I needed. Maybe I gave them advice or maybe I took off my DM hat for a minute and just listened to their feelings…those kinds of interactions are what keep me going.” 

He continues, “My team helps cover shifts when needed, gives up family commitments at times, and keeps a smile on their faces…even on the most challenging days. Without them, my district would not be what it is today.”