New Business Model Requires New Go-To Market Model


Down three games to one in this year’s NBA Finals, Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers faced what some would call an insurmountable task at hand. The Cavaliers entered into Game 5 facing a record-setting opponent in what most thought was simply a coronation game for the Golden State Warriors. Instead of folding, James and his teammates found a way in Game 7 to refocus their efforts, adjust their game plan and, most importantly, change the way they attacked the Warriors’ defense.

Consider your business model: What changes do you need to make to help position your team for the win? During the last decade, many of you have seen margins decrease, while operating costs increase. The gap continues to widen, but it’s how you proactively address these changes that will allow you to hit your number this year—and consistently—in the future.

Insanity has been defined as “doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” Far too often, as leaders, we fall into this trap. We want to believe we have the best sales team, technologies, go-to market strategy, prospects and number of resources. We want to believe we have the right partners to help distribute our products. In reality, if your focus is on continuous improvement and lagging indicators, you’re too late. The focus should be on continuous change directed to leading indicators that become the foundation of your new business model.

Business people talking in meeting

In a recent Forbes article, Dan Wellers expands on this thought about how change is causing us all to rethink not only “the structure of your business model, but the concept of a business model itself.” Regardless of your market or industry, your business model is going to change. This will create a ripple effect in your market strategy. Connecting those dots is the key to success. Having speed, focus and flexibility will position you to be proactive with your initiatives, yet still react to market disruptions, when appropriate.

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