MarketSource Presents Webinar on Connected Car

On Sept. 27, Dealerscope hosted a webinar featuring MarketSource’s Pete Maxwell and Lisa Walsh, who discussed the rapidly developing connected car market. The webinar, “Connecting the Customer to the Connected Car,” provides real-time, authentic information about how this growing business opportunity is touching the automotive industry and its consumers. You can register here to watch the webinar, which will be available for 90 days.

With the connected car creating such a massive new business opportunity for the automotive, technology and telecommunications industries, the time to understand this movement is now. According to Business Insider, sales of connected cars are expected to reach $2.3 trillion in 2020. However, dealers are struggling with implementation, and consumer perception remains low and/or confused about the integration of connected car technology into their lives.

Pete and Lisa approached the connected car space through a B2B lens as they discussed the pain points of connected car environment and addressed other relevant challenges in the current marketplace. They also discussed how the connected car technology/capability gap creates an opportunity to address technology conversations that can occur with customers, and how to sell automobiles in today’s market – especially to certain demographics, such as millennials.

The webinar went on to include topics such as monetizing the connected car space beyond the initial car sale, and properly and effectively following up on subscription services.

Dealerships’ sales process capabilities have to stay on track with—and even ahead of—current connected car technology. Moreover, dealers must learn to keep up as the pipeline of innovation flows faster.

You can register to watch the webinar, which will be available for 90 days, on demand.