MarketSource Employee Spotlight: Parth Dholakia

Commercial Technology Software Engineer Parth Dholakia is a self-proclaimed “man of few words” and many would also label him as incredibly humble. In fact, when asked about his various career accomplishments, Parth is very quick to point out that they were all team efforts. However, in his brief 1.5 years at MarketSource, Parth has made quite an impression with leadership and the client due to his knowledge, skills, and incomparable work ethic.

Parth began his career working in SharePoint and has had the opportunity to learn many different tools and technologies since then, from enterprise content management to business process management to—most recently—customer relationship management.

Parth’s determined spirit and second-to-none work ethic has allowed him to explore possibilities he didn’t realize were there. While working as a SharePoint developer for a large brand, he was on a team that helped transition the company to Salesforce, without any prior experience in that platform. “I’m so grateful for that particular opportunity,” Parth recalls, “as that transition helped me explore the world beyond SharePoint.”

That’s Parth—taking it all in stride and always finding the “positive.” That trait comes in handy because he is regularly asked to take on challenging projects and accepts without hesitation. He believes it’s important to take ownership of your work. “It’s a two-word statement and a simple concept, but once we start taking ownership, the rest falls into place…whether it’s accountability, responsibility, empowerment, innovation, positive results, etc.”

When asked what inspires him, Parth again credits others: “Over the course of my career, I have been fortunate enough to have an opportunity to work with diverse people from different backgrounds and that has helped me in what I do today.”