MarketSource Employee Spotlight: Tarrance Aaron

“When you think of a [mobile] sale, it seems like a simple transaction,” says Area Sales Manager Les Reed. “Talk to the rep, pick out a phone, go to the register. What you don’t see is the plethora of tools, skills, education, and more that’s required for that transaction to go smoothly.” That’s where Les comes in—his job is about creating efficiencies, removing obstacles, and creating solutions to make the job easier for our team members on the frontlines.

“Find the joy in what you do,” says District Manager Tarrance Aaron. “I personally love to help people achieve their goals and improve their lives.” And he does just that for his 32-person team. “I always ask myself, ‘who does this task or decision affect’ and try my best to make a positive impact each day.”

After working for two years as the Minneapolis – Saint Paul team lead for a large MarketSource program, Tarrance left MarketSource for a brief time to gain additional management skills at Caribou Coffee. He then returned to MarketSource in November to work on another large program, where his district now includes Minneapolis – Saint Paul, MN; Grand Rapids, MI; and Milwaukee, WI.

“Beyond helping my team achieve their individual goals, it’s also important for me to help our client achieve their organizational goals,” Tarrance said. He has volunteered for a number of stretch assignments, such as traveling to help other districts and volunteering to manage additional projects. This “whenever, wherever, whatever” mentality has helped him earn top performer status and garner excellent client feedback.

It’s clear that Tarrance embodies the “serving others” mindset through going above and beyond for both his team and the client.

When asked for some of the lessons he’s learned throughout his career that may help others aspiring for a leadership position at MarketSource, Tarrance says, “Focus on the task at hand, stay dedicated and never be afraid to ask for help. Also, knowing that some things are out of your control, try to control what you can.”