Podcast: An Interview with Veterans Robin Beres (Retired Chief Petty Officer) and Peggy Feldmann (Retired Navy Captain)

Recently, MarketSource’s Vice President of Automotive Peter Maxwell spoke with veterans Robin Beres Chief Petty Officer (RET) and Peggy Feldmann Navy Captain (RET). After retiring from the military, Robin served as Deputy Editor and Commentary Columnist for the Richmond-Times Dispatch until 2020. Peggy is currently the Chief Applications Officer for the Commonwealth of Virginia and was in the first graduating class at the United States Naval Academy to include women. In this podcast, you’ll hear their inspirational stories. 

Here are a few highlights to listen for:

Describing what Veterans Day means to them

Sharing their experiences as some of the first women to join the Navy

Talking about what it’s like to watch their daughters experience a naval career and the advice they gave them

Reflecting on the level of responsibility the military empowers young people with and why the system works so well.

What it’s like to balance a military career and a spouse

What kept them going in a male-dominated environment

Robin talks about her work advocating, editing, and writing for veterans’ newspapers and organizations

Sharing advice for women currently in or wanting to pursue leadership in business

Their advice to business leaders about veterans