Podcast: An Interview with Vietnam Veteran, Bill Haneke

Recently, MarketSource’s Vice President of Automotive, Pete Maxwell spoke with his long-time friend, Bill Haneke, CPT (Ret) U.S. Army – Vietnam. An author, speaker, veteran, patient advocate, and founder and board member of the Families of the Wounded Fund, Bill has been described as one of the two most severely wounded persons in the Vietnam War who survived. In this podcast, you’ll hear Bill’s compelling, inspiring story. 

If you’re short on time, here are a few highlights to listen for:

Bill describes his experiences in Germany, where he was stationed before being deployed to Vietnam

Pete and Bill talk about the accountability and responsibility that the military teaches

Bill and Pete discuss how building relationships that were critical to the success of military missions translates to business (sales, in particular)

Bill shares the source for the title of his book,

Bill describes not only the day he got wounded but how he sensed it was coming

Bill talks about how the Viet Cong had a $20,000 price on his head and tried to poison him

Bill talks about reconnecting with one of the in-theater surgical nurses several years later, who has become a close friend

Bill describes his experience with PTSD and the state of trauma care for veterans today

Bill talks about the non-profit organization he founded, Families of the Wounded Fund, which supports families so they can accompany their veterans during medical care, including Afghan refugee “soldiers” who were wounded as part of the 2021 U.S. withdrawal