Full Market Coverage

Cover All Your Markets With Brand Support

Does every customer receive a high level of service in every store?

Is your brand message consistent from store to store?

Are you able to offer brand support to stores in smaller markets or with lower volume?

For brands that need brand experts to support their products, it’s nearly impossible to cover every store in every market during all store hours. Not only that, but it’s sometimes challenging to control how your brand message is being conveyed from one location to the next. Because, let’s face it, you can’t be in two places at once. Extrapolate that to several hundred or thousands of stores, and the dilemma is apparent.

At present, there are 1,045,422 brick-and-mortar retail establishments in the U.S.

Of course, your product is not in every one of them. But for national—or even regional brands—your retail footprint can be vast, making coverage by a brand expert a challenge.

Often, brands will target their marketing efforts to concentrate on stores with the greatest opportunity. But that still leaves all your other stores uncovered. How can you get your brand message across the way you want in every store?

AskMe can help.

Or, in actual usage, ask Todd or Suzy or Alethia or Jameson… all knowledgeable members of your AskMe brand expert team. And they are not artificial intelligence bots but real, live people who are standing by virtually, dedicated and equipped to answer customers’ questions, assuage their fears, compare features, give installation tips, recommend accessories—whatever it takes to help customers understand the value of your products and make a confident decision to buy.

AskMe works via a QR code embedded in a product or shelf tag. The customer simply scans the code with their smartphone—or iPad or other digital device—and can reach a brand expert through chat, video, text, or call. Connection to a brand expert is instant, and customers appreciate the convenience of getting quick, professional information about products they are interested in without running up and down the aisles trying to track down a store associate or brand representative. AskMe brand experts are also prepared to demonstrate products via video and can even fill an order and arrange delivery.

Customers without a digital device can ask a store associate to scan the code and make the connection for them. But research shows that most in-store shoppers stay active on their phones anyway, busily comparing different brands, models, and prices, which is where AskMe can step in and provide all the answers.

With AskMe you aren’t limited to supporting only select stores, you can have brand experts supporting every store.

No matter your needs, AskMe experts can help.
If you can envision AskMe making a difference for your brand,