4 Qualities of Amazing Salespeople

Have you ever wondered what drives salespeople to sell? Mostly, it comes down to personality. Although techniques will vary, sales professionals who are successful share common characteristics. An assessment of your personality, skills, strengths and weaknesses can help you decide if a sales career is right for you.

Cultivating these four tips from recruiting manager, James Stafford, can propel any sales professional from basic to brilliant.

1. Approachability

It is vital for a successful sales person to be approachable and also have the ability to approach prospects in a way that makes the customer feel comfortable. Sales is about relationships. Prospective clients who feel comfortable, and who see you as trustworthy are more likely to become a consumer of your product or service.

Be self-aware and conscious of your speaking tone when on the phone or communicating with prospects. Smile often and don’t be too pushy. Listen intently to the prospects needs and take cues on what their pain points are before offering services.

2. Hunter’s Mentality

Successful sales people do not wait on the sale, they go out and get it done. Someone who possesses a “hunter’s mentality” prepares and plans their approach to closing customers on products. Do your research before engaging with a client to maximize success. A hunter never waits for anything.

3. Charisma

Learning selling techniques is easy, but personality comes naturally. It is imperative that a top sales person has endless charisma when talking with potential buyers. A great sales person draws people to them with their personality and charm. The customer should be bought into you just as much as the product itself.

4. Resilience

In sales, you will deal with a lot of turn down from potential buyers. A good sales person will let turn down roll off their back but a top sales person will use turn down as motivation to seek out the next person who is looking to purchase the product. Enterpreneur.com shares seven secrets to resilience which can help you gain strength as a salesperson and use setbacks to create comebacks.

If sales is your dream job, following these tips from our recruiting expert can help build your career profile and make your job search easier. Also, take advantage of our talent community to learn more about upcoming career opportunities across the United States.