MarketSource Auto Team Switches Gears During COVID-19 to Great Results | MarketSource Heroes

MarketSource Auto Team Switches Gears During COVID-19 to Great Results | MarketSource Heroes

by | Oct 21, 2021 | Uncategorized

Tony Pisciotta and Automotive Recall Team

While partnering with a Japanese auto manufacturer as part of a recall effort, MarketSource quickly switched gears to meet the challenges created by COVID-19. They were thrilled at the MarketSource team’s agility and remain impressed with MarketSource’s unwavering commitment to getting it done with all safety measures in place.  

Cody Emmert, the client’s Quality Compliance-Campaign Performance Manager, explains what happened: “MarketSource has always been an outstanding partner, always meeting our needs and in line with our objectives all the time. COVID-19 took everyone by surprise. And the response we got was an amazing amount of agility. We had to pivot right away. We could no longer be meeting people face to face and knocking on doors. So we shifted to a phone outreach program almost overnight, it seemed, and we went from knocking on doors to making 50 or 60 phone calls a day per person. We were able to transition our objectives a little bit with this new ability to reach more people, and conducted a nationwide specialized recall outreach program. 

‘We carried that through until circumstances of COVID-19 lightened and safety precautions were put into place. Once we were to that point, the transition back to canvassing with PPE [Personal Protective Equipment] and new safety measures was seamless. And we were seeing results as good as we had even before COVID-19! We continue to be impressed with MarketSource’s support.” 

Congratulations to Client Services Director, Tony Pisciotta and his entire automotive recall team for earning one of our 2020 MarketSource Hero Awards. Thanks to their efforts and commitment to Open Communication, a MarketSource corporate value, our client was able to maintain momentum and continue to attain great results without missing a beat.